Pat Lambrecht-Hould of Lakeside, Montana and Doug Oliver have recently collaborated on combining their two very distinct painting styles together to create unique, one-of-a-kind images on canvas. 

Hould is a non-objective, abstract painter and Oliver a traditional landscape painter. Both artists together have more than a century of successful careers and studio experience between them as professional, fine artists.

Hould’s lush, painterly backgrounds of mixed media, collage, gold and silver leafing are a great foundation for Oliver to produce landscape images on top of the background canvases, with his glazes and contrasting color and subtle value applications.

Each artist carefully maintains a 50-50 effort on each canvas so as not to overpower the effort of the other artist’s work.

The art of Hould-Oliver has experienced strong sales in fine art galleries in Arizona, California and Montana with their creative and unique images put on canvas.

In addition, many giclees of their work have also been published to add to their range of collectors’ choice and selection.

As no other - here are their efforts on canvas.